A Fair-y Tale Match



Jennifer and Jim went to rival high schools. She was the head of the cheerleading squad, and valedictorian of her class, with a plan to attend college after graduation. Jim was working at a gas station the summer after high school, and thinking about what line of work to pursue as an adult.

Jim was working one day when Jennifer and her friend decided to head to the beach. On the way home, her friend’s car broke down. When they pulled into a gas station for help, Jim was there to greet them—and to ask Jennifer for her number.

“All of the guys working there asked me for my number. I gave everyone the wrong one—except for Jim.”

Jim called to ask her out on a date to the LA County Fair.

They spent the whole day and night together at the Fair—riding the rides, looking at the exhibits, eating corndogs, walking, and talking. At the end of the night, Jim took her home—and they shared a magical kiss.

Even though there was a serious connection, Jennifer had enrolled in college far from home, and was supposed to marry someone else. But she couldn’t forget about that enchanted night at the fair.

So she decided to leave school and move in with the man she loved. And since then, Jennifer and Jim have spent every anniversary at the event that made it all possible—their local fair.

“We moved to Idaho in the 90s, and have been going to the Western Idaho Fair every year since then,” Jennifer gushes. “We love the rollercoasters, and the food, and going through the exhibits. It’s just a perfect way to spend a day with the man I’m still in love with.”

In 2017, Jim and Jennifer will be celebrating 30 years of marriage. And though they’ve been through tough times, they’re just as in love as that day at the fair that started it all.

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