15-year-old Regan Moore loves chickens. No, not fried or battered like the rest of us, but live. Cuddly. Clucking. Even lap sitting. And for the eighth year in a row, she’s competing at the Western Idaho Fair—and she’s going for blue.

Her bird’s name is Marie, and she’s a cheese-lover. Regan gives her cheese as a training treat, much like you’d give your dog who sat or played dead. In this case, Marie gets a piece of cheese each time she stays on command.

“The judges are looking for quality and showmanship,” Regan explains. “Overall health of the bird, and whether they do what they are supposed to—stand up and look straight ahead, let you handle them, stuff like that.”

Training? Chickens? Aren’t their brains the size of a penny? “Chickens are really smart,” defends Regan. “My chickens come when you call them and respond to certain words. Plus they’re really good listeners.”

Regan’s quick to point out that she’s not a crazy chicken person. But when you spend at least an hour a day with your project animal, you develop a strong bond—one that Regan’s hoping will pay off at the Fair.

A few years ago, she recalled, she walked up to discover that her chicken had won a big purple ribbon. She excitedly read the text underneath: “Best Udder.” She had won for Best in Breed, but the judges had mixed up the prizes.

“I’m hoping for Best Udder again this year,” she says with a giggle.




It’s how stars are made. With over 14,000 views and 4,100 votes on social media, these are the top 10 finalists who are in it to win it. By it, we mean our first-ever Fair’s Got Talent, an open competition designed for the Treasure Valley to show off their most-prized skills. Dozens of hopefuls entered in during a day of live filming and auditions earlier this summer. Their one-minute tryouts were then broadcast out on social media for the whole world to see—and size up. Thanks to everyone who voted. And thanks to our brave locally-grown performers—all fame-worthy in their own right.

These lucky few will make it to the next stage:

Trynadee Hodge (singer-songwriter)
Ava Madison Smith (singer-songwriting duo)
Rhea Hobbs (singer-songwriter)
Troy & Elise (swing dancers)
Norma Lopez (clown)
Andrew Fish (strobe dancer)
Zach Quintana (guitarist)
Wyatt Burt (beat boxer)
Kerrie Snater (singer-songwriter)
David Rush (juggler)

Check out the top 10 videos. Then come out for the showdown and support your favorite acts Monday, August 22 at 4:30 pm on the Spectra Stage at the Western Idaho Fair. At the end of the show, a panel of celebrity judges will crown the winner with the title of Fair VIP—and award a truckload of prizes worth over $2,300. Talk about star treatment.

Get big-time savings with advance tickets to the Fair, available online now or at any Albertson’s location after July 11.



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Live on Wednesday: a sneak preview of the 2016 Fair’s Got Talent live event!

For the past few weeks, we’ve been collecting applications for our Fair’s Got Talent live event. Well, they’re in—and we’ve got a number of talented people looking to make a splash at the Western Idaho Fair in August.

Wednesday mid-morning through the afternoon, we’ll be hosting auditions for Fair fans who want to compete at our live event on Monday, August 22, where the winner will be crowned Fair VIP.

Follow us now on Periscope (@westernidfair), Snapchat (sharemyfair), and Facebook Live so you’ll be ready to take a look at the talented people from our area—and to get a sneak peek of some of the acts you could see live on stage in August!

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