Idahome brew

Highlighting a crop that grows in Idaho—and makes it thrive.



We’re hopped up around here. Idaho is the 3rd largest hop-growing region in the nation—representing roughly 11 percent of the total U.S. harvest—and we’re quickly gaining ground on front-runners Oregon and Washington. Check out what’s brewing just west of Boise, an area that grows about 75 percent of the hop acreage in the state. Or just check out the fast-growing craft brewery scene right in city limits.

Imparting the ultimate flavor profile when used fresh, hops give beer its bitter, zesty taste and unique aroma. By using different hop varieties, quantities and methods, brewers make an endless selection of distinctive styles and brand-name drinks, from porters to IPAs to pale ales.

It's what's brewing.

Idaho is the 3rd largest hop-growing region in the nation

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