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Around here, we’ve got real sights to behold.


Did you see that?! Magic and wonder wait around every corner at the Fair. It’s a real-life action adventure.

Keep an eye out for circus acts. Sword swallowing. Comedic juggling. Stunts on wheels. Hypnotism (well, maybe don’t eye this one too much if you’re not into mind control). Animals of all shapes and sizes—sometimes performing amazing feats—sometimes just looking for you to pet them. There’s even an animated dinosaur roaming around this year.

See what’s on the fairground near you. Check out the attractions.

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loop rawlins

Loop Rawlins

August 18-22

Sponsored by spectra

Get lassoed into a one man wild west show with trick roping, whip cracking, and fancy gun shooting.


dan meyer

Dan Meyer

August 18-22

Sponsored by spectra

Take in some cutting-edge entertainment with a sword swallower who’s sharp, flashy, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.



duelly noted

Duelly Noted

August 23-27

Sponsored by spectra

Two female pianists strike the perfect chord with all your favorite hits from the 60s to today.


steve russell

Steve Russell

August 23-27

Sponsored by spectra

Experience comedy with a catch in this slightly off-center variety show combining juggling, sharp wit, and surprises.



kellie karl

Kellie Karl

August 22-27

Sponsored by cwi

In a mesmerizing and hilarious show, have a mind-bending time with this captivating hypnotist.


thunder cover

Thunder Cover

August 18-20

Sponsored by cwi

Performing hits from the 50s to today, this high-energy cover band is a real crowd pleaser.





August 18-21

Sponsored by cwi

Combining hypnosis with standup and improv comedy, Tyzen turns up the volume by rocking the crowd with hilarity and electrifying illusions.


jessie leigh

Jessie Leigh

August 21-24

Sponsored by cwi

Infusing a rock and roll attitude into her country style, Jesse Leigh makes old school style music sound fresh.





August 25-27


The premier party band in California livens up Idaho by playing everything from Top 40 dance and rock hits to R&B and Latin music.


animals of wizardry

Animals of Wizardry

August 18-27


Enter the world of fantasy and nature in this incredible live animal display with bats, owls, snakes, newts, toads, and even a real dragon.



splash dogs

Splash Dogs

August 18-27

Sponsored by BroncoMotors

Jump in dog, the water’s fine, in this nationally recognized dog jumping event that’s open to canine competitors.

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meet the animals

Meet the Animals

August 18-27


With an animal farm that includes pony rides, a giant pig, dairy cow milking, baby chicks hatching, and other farmland critters, stop by to feed, pet, or just watch the barnyard action.



pedal tractor

Kids Pedal Tractor

August 18-27


Off to the races, kids in the crowd from ages 4 to 12 put the tractor pedal to the proverbial metal to win out at the end of the ride.


mango and dango

Mango & Dango

August 22-27


Combining breathtaking circus acts and acrobatic feats with physical comedy, music, theater, and dance, Mango and Dango leave you awestruck.



perfection on wheels bmx

Wheels of Perfection

August 18-27


This BMX stunt show features the world’s most extreme bicycle stunt riders and skateboarders in a spectacular, nonstop action-packed show.



Stryker the Dinosaur

August 18-27


Towering over you at 8 feet tall and 16 feet long, watch out for the roving robotic dinosaur with incredibly realistic eye blinking, tail swooshing, and a mighty roaring sound.




Fido 500

August 18-27


On your bark, get set, GO! The FIDO 500 mini dog race features pint-sized canines racing Olympic-style in a sprint to the finish line for gold, silver, or bronze medals.


eclipse logo

Total Eclipse of the Fair

August 21 @ 10am-noon

Provided by ktvb  idaho-lottery

It’s like day and night and day. A totally celestial experience, head to the Fair on August 21 to witness the solar eclipse. Fair-exclusive eclipse merchandise, including t-shirts, will be on sale. Breakfast goodies will be served up, too. It all goes down on KTVB Family Day (non-alcoholic, non-smoking).  more info»



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